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We would like to thank all our loyal customers over the last ten years who have helped make our journey such an enjoyable one.

The journey started in Cardiff in 1996, before relocation to Bath and finally Bakewell in 2002. Owners Tim and Rowena Jones initially ran a gallery of Shona Stone Sculpture with a small selection of jewellery. Sculpture still maintains a presence but only in the form of a private collection - the finest in the region. Relax in a comfortable armchair surrounded by the awe-inspiring art forms of Southern Africa. 

Today Stone Art exclusively sells jewellery – a refreshing and diverse range of hand-crafted sterling silver pieces featuring semi-precious stones, amber, freshwater pearl and real flowers. We also have a colourful range of designer costume jewellery - real leaves, delicate swarovski and hand-fired glass beads.

We stock stunning pieces of the famous Blue John Stone from the Castleton Cavern and Jet from the cliffs in Whitby. These are expertly set in silver by our experienced Sheffield silversmith , who uses the finest and most distinctive stones available. His speciality and one of our best sellers are double-sided pendants with Blue John on one side and Whitby Jet on the other.

Spoilt for choice is an often heard customer remark, catering as we do for all tastes, ages, styles and budgets. 

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